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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's Meet.

The other day I felt like I was watching a movie about my life. I was watching Julie and Julia for the first time and hearing Julia Childs say, “I enjoy shopping for food more than shopping for a dress” (or something like that) it was like she was me. I have people say I am crazy for finding my stress relief in the isles of the Giant Eagle Market District or the local Trader Joe's. It’s almost as good as Target… and it gets me in just as much trouble. Watching Julie struggle with her new move and monotonous job, I found myself relating to her as she finds her solace in the kitchen. It is at this moment that I had my epiphany. I love to cook. Trying new recipes and feeding my bottomless pit fantastic boyfriend is what makes me happy. So that is the story on how I got here, sharing my food and life experiences (whether good or bad) with you. I love to share (seriously, ask the people on my email thread) so I hope you enjoy also. Here it goes… 

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  1. I LOVE your blog, especially the Peach Pie tribute!!! I am so honored!!! It really is so delicious... like everything you make!!! Many thanks! Mary